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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn valuable, relevant technology skills, without needing to learn how to code. We’ve gone beyond the traditional education model to empower students to pave their own path to success, because we believe learning shouldn’t be confined to a classroom, rigorous schedule or privileged minority.


We realize that everyone wants to learn valuable skills in a way that fits their schedule.
That's why our classes are designed to maximize your learning in less than an hour per lesson, and are super fun to work through!
New video lessons and challenges are released every couple of weeks and are always available so you can work at your own pace.


We know you might be thinking that you need a cutting edge headset, or high end computer with blue lights and cooling tubes that costs more than a small car, to get started in VR and AR. Fortunately, that's not the case.
We teach how to create amazing, high quality content using nothing more than a basic laptop and a smartphone.


Everyone needs a hand sometimes - whether you’re a little stuck, want to bounce an idea off us, or just need a fresh perspective, you'll never need to resort to searching the web for assistance with Clevrar.
We're available for unlimited email based support, and you can schedule a Skype or Hangouts session to chat 1-on-1 and face-to-face.


Simple and Transparent

Annual Plan

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Monthly Plan

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Educators & Students

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All Plans Feature:
4 high quality video lessons
A copy of all working projects
3D model, Audio & Image file assets
Lesson transcripts
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